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Medical billing can be tough and grueling process, when not executed successfully. Many medical providers experience increased claim denials and aren’t getting properly reimbursed for the services they provide. Having done extensive research in the medical billing industry, we have listed the four top medical billing companies. All these medical billing companies give medical professionals a healthy alternative to in-house medical billing. In this way, you can reduce administrative costs, receive quick and full reimbursements, and concentrate on patient care and building your practice.

Premier Medical Billing
PHONE: 1-800-991-5731
Medical Billing Reviews #1 Company

• About 96% of claims get paid upon first submission.
• Competitive billing rates
• 15-25% more revenue per case

Premier Medical Billing Services

One of the greatest medical billing services in the country, Premier Medical Billing provides services to doctors and practitioners in all 50 states.  Premier will be sure to customize its medical billing services to fit your needs, instead of vice versa.  The company believes in allowing its clients to focus on practicing medicine and not the rigors of billing.  Sign up for your free consultation today!

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Medical Billing TV 1
Medical Billing TV
PHONE: 1-800-991-5731
Medical Billing Reviews #2 Company

• Get your first 25 claims FREE
• Accounts receivable management review
• Medical providers get paid MAXIMUM revenue

A professional third-party medical billing company that offers free in-depth consultations to doctors and practitioners nationwide, is one of the leaders in the industry.  Collect maximum revenue while keeping costs down for your practice, when you sign up with  All your claims will be processed quickly and without error.  If you choose to do business with the company, you’ll only be charged a flat fee of $4.99 for the life cycle of each claim.  Plus, if you sign up today, you’ll get the first 25 claims free!

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Allstate Billing 1
Allstate Billing
PHONE: 1-800-991-5731
Medical Billing Reviews #1 Company

• Electronic Claims Submissions
• HIPAA compliance review
• Medical Coding Review and Assistance

Allstate Billing

For a simple flat fee of $4.99 per claim, you can take advantage of AllState’s professional medical billing services!  Unlike many other outsource billing companies, AllState doesn’t believe in charging its clients a percentage based on each claim, in the event that the claim gets denied.  Plus, the company offers services to practitioners in all 50 states.  For a limited time, you can get the first 25 claims free!

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